Overview and Progress of GNSS Anti-multipath Antenna Designs


  • Jianming Dong BeiJing Institute of Technology
  • Qiang Hua University of Huddersfield




This article provides a comprehensive review of recent applications of GNSS anti-multipath antenna. Emphasis is placed on the role of anti-multipath antenna in GNSS. A brief summary of the current anti-multipath antenna in satellite-based navigation systems is provided and also the GNSS anti-multipath antenna plays a key role is emphasised, which will help in getting a better understanding of the requirements on the various performance parameters of a GNSS antenna. In addition, we review GNSS anti-multipath antenna design strategies and specific design examples that highlight the application of various types of GNSS anti-multipath antenna. Ultimately, this articles seeks to demonstrate the value of GNSS anti-multipath antenna design insights for antenna engineering and look toward promising new research directions for GNSS antenna research.




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Dong, J., & Hua, Q. (2023). Overview and Progress of GNSS Anti-multipath Antenna Designs. Sensors and Machine Learning Applications , 2(3). https://doi.org/10.55627/smla.002.03.00026